Hebron Project provides emergency response hovercraft to Clarenville

October 4, 2011

The Hebron Project today presented the Town of Clarenville with an emergency response hovercraft. The donation of the hovercraft is expected to improve the fire department's ability to effectively respond to emergencies in Clarenville and surrounding areas.

"The addition of a hovercraft to the Clarenville Fire Department is indeed a great asset to further enhance the Department's ability to respond effectively to emergencies," said Clarenville Mayor Fred Best. "Living in a rural area offers significant challenges due to the close proximity of the ocean and the many fresh water lakes. This resource will allow us to respond to the challenges which might come our way. The Town expresses its thanks and sincere appreciation to the Hebron Project Co-Ventures for providing this valuable piece of equipment."

"To the Hebron Project co-venturers, safety is a core value," said Geoff Parker, Hebron Senior Project Manager and Vice President, ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. "The hovercraft will allow the fire department to more safely perform rescue operations in typically hard to reach locations and on a variety of terrains, to the benefit of the responders and the people they rescue."

The hovercraft flies on a cushion of air several inches over any relatively smooth surface, including shallow or running water, ice, snow, grass, and marshes. It is designed to operate in both salt and fresh water, and is able to travel 30 mph (48 kph) on calm water and 50 mph (80 kph) on smooth ice. The craft has a double hull structure and full floatation capability and can be used year round.

"The Clarenville Fire Department is extremely thrilled to accept ownership of the hovercraft provided by the Hebron Project," said Fire Chief Cory Feltham. "This new addition will expand our Department's rescue capability by providing a safe and quick response by our membership in difficult situations. The members of the Clarenville Fire Department would like to thank the Hebron Project for its generous donation to our community."

The hovercraft will be stationed at the Clarenville Fire Station.

The Hebron Project co-venturers are ExxonMobil Canada Properties (operator), Chevron Canada, Suncor Energy Inc., Statoil Canada and Nalcor Energy.

Hebron Project provides emergency response hovercraft to Clarenville

Representatives from the Town of Clarenville and Geoff Parker, Senior Project Manager, Hebron Project and Vice-President, ExxonMobil Canada Ltd. (second from right)

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