Vendor Database

Notice To Existing Users

Effective in 2013, the vendor database was changed to use a combination of a Vendor Account and Company Profile(s). Existing users should have received an email that highlighted the change and provided a link to generate a password and access their Vendor Account. A Vendor Account and associated Company Profile have been created for you based on existing information. The new system has the ability to add additional company profiles if you operate as more than one entity. Also, please note that the database allows for the collection of voluntary information to assist the project in recording it’s level of engagement with businesses owned by members of designated groups and not-for-profit organizations (Note: You are not required to complete these additional fields).

ExxonMobil Canada Properties, operator of the Hebron Project will use the database beyond development/construction, into the operations phase of the project. We also see value in expanding use of the database to the Hibernia and Hibernia Southern Extension projects as well as project co-venturers and co-owners should they request information. The increased visibility to three major projects and other noted industry participants may be of value to your organization as it has the potential to increase future procurement opportunities.

If you prefer to not have your information made available to those noted above, we ask that you please delete your company profile from the database or contact the project via to have it removed. Thank you for your interest in the project.

If you have any questions with regards to the vendor database please email:

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